The CHALLENGER is a high capacity contour cutting system with vertical cutting orientation to cut the block in one pass from the bottom to the top.

The CHALLENGER comes with a special block support system to allow loading of blocks over the wires. The vertical contour cutting station allows cutting of contours from bottom to the top of the block and ensures fast production cycle and optimum material utilization.

For shapes, which are longer than block width, the machine can be equipped with an additional horizontal cutting frame in order to cut the block through it´s length.

CHALLENGER - Components

Material support system
• roller/belt conveyor with drive

Vertical contour cutting frame Q
• clearance 1.350 mm x block lenght
• 61 cutting wires
• automatic wire setting
• cooling of exposed wire ends

Horizontal contour cutting frame H
• clearance 1.350 x 1.350mm
• 61 cutting wires
• automatic wire setting
• cooling of exposed wire ends

Controlpanel (IP 54) WIN PC, MMI, PLC SIEMENS
Settings for process parameters :
• speed according to density of EPS foam
• automatic setting of wire distances (optional)
• cutting speed, Wire temperature
• automatic-, manual- and service mode


• Block magazine with block tilter
• Block length cutting system (Guillotine)
• Trimming station V
• Auto wire setting system
• Wire break detection system
• Automatic cutting scrap removal system

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