StyroDesign® the modular system for contour cutting

Block splitter "G" Guillotine
• 1 horizontal cutting wire
• belt conveyor with drive

StyroDesign® H
• Horizontal cutting frame H
• 41 cutting wires (contour cutting wires)
• cooling of exposed wire ends
• belt conveyor or table for material support
• controlpanel (IP 54) WIN PC, MMI, PLC SIEMENS

StyroDesign® H - Options
• independent movement of axis allow creation of sloped sheets for roof insulation, tapered arches etc.
• additional cutting frame "HS" with 41 stationary wires
• auto wire setting on both cutting frames (contour and stationary)
• wire break detection system for both cutting frames

Block transport with belt conveyor
• normal speed and fast forward transportation

Trimming station V
• 11 trimming wires
• cooling of exposed wire ends

Fast forward belt conveyor
• high speed transport of trimmed sheets into the cross cutting station

Cross cutting station X
• cutting frame 90 degrees to production flow direction
• pusher for material transport through the wires
• 41 wires for length cutting
• cooling of exposed wire ends
• tabel for material discharge

Controlpanel (IP 54), 240/400 V, 50 Hz
WIN PC, MMI, PLC SIEMENS, motion controller for X/Y Axis
Settings for process parameters :
• Speed according to density of EPS foam
• automatic setting of wire distances (optional)
• cutting speed, Wire temperature
• automatic-, manual- and service mode

Software - StyroDesign® PRO 8
• Easy design, using the integrated drawing software
• Import of DXF, simple conversion to cutting paths
• Library for common standard parts
• Nesting optimizing the material utilisation
• Best orientation of square pieces in the block
• Automatic correction of burn-off
• Integrated cost calkulation
• Automatic wire positioning

StyroDesign® HS
• Contour cutter for tapered roof hip- & valley sheets and roof saddles
• Stationary wire frame
• Block align with adjustable angle
• DAL-I marking system (Data Application on Linear bearings with Inkjet)

StyroDesign® software for tapered roof sheets, saddles and crickets
• Special VIRO-ROOFER program for easy editing ot tapered roof products
• Data integration to DAL-I marking system for coding of tapered roof boards

Shape-, sheet- and pad cutting machine with
41 horizontal contour cutting wires
41 horizontal stationary leading wires
41 vertical trimming wires
frame moves for X/Y contour cutting
block moves for sheet- and pad cutting

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