FOAMLINE HVQ sheet cutting line is designed for the continuous production of sheets, insulation panels and building products from EPS blocks with densities according to EN 13163 and ATSM C578 standards.

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FOAMLINE® HVQ - Components

Block loading station
• roller conveyor with drive
• including manual align station

Horizontal cutting frame H
• clearance 1.320 x 1.320mm
• 81 cutting wires
• cooling of exposed wire ends

Block transport with belt conveyor
• normal speed and fast forward transportation

Trimming station V
• 2 trimming wires
• 1 wire for center cut
• cooling of exposed wire ends

Fast forward belt conveyor FF
• roller conveyor
• high speed transport of trimmed sheets into the length cutting station

Length cutting station Q
• for min. 500mm sheet length
• material transport with roller conveyor
• cooling of exposed wire ends

Controlpanel (IP 54) WIN PC, MMI, PLC SIEMENS
Settings for process parameters :
• speed according to density of EPS foam
• automatic setting of wire distances (optional)
• cutting speed, Wire temperature
• automatic-, manual- and service mode

FOAMLINE® HVQ - Options & Upgrades

• block magazine for 5 blocks
• block turning station
• block tilter
• block length cutting system (Guillotine)
• automatic wire setting system on all cutting station
• hard- and software for setting horizontal wires inclined
• mechanical oscillation (long & short stroke)
• Auto Pilot for cutting frame H
• wire break detection system
• automatic scrap removal system for all sides
• double pre-breaker for white and grey EPS

FOAMLINE® HVQ - Downstream equipment

VIRO-BOT material handling systems or SU-1500 and PA-1500
PPZA-1300 automatic packaging machine
STARGATE or ATLANTIS pallet wrappers
Skids application system
• Marking & labelling of bundles and pallets

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